We have Purchased 1,200 Nos. New Reference Books. It is available from Library.

We have Purchased 54 Chair & 47 tables for the sarkari kumar Chhattralaya - Meghraj.
As social welfare Dept. Khed Brahma
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"Van Mahotsav" Year 2016-17

Swami Vivekanand 153 mi Janma Jyanti Program
"Swami Vivekanand jivan ane Sandesh" Year-2016




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Sports Day Year-2015





Safai Abhiyan Year 2014-15





26 Jan. Celebration Year-2015





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15th August Celebration Year 2012-13








24th Yuvak Mahotsav Patan univesity Meghraj college
Year 2012-13




KhelDhara By Yoga specialist Student Smita Katara
Year 2012-13




Komi Ekta Raly By NSS and Sahmudaek Sevadhara
Year 2012-13




Navratri Programme
Year 2012-13




Year 2012-13




Pravesh Utsav
Year 2012-13




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Year 2012-13




Year 2012-13









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Ragging Programme Ed Yr 2010






SRC Meeting











Nirmal Gujarat 2010





Disaster Management 2010-2011





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Nirmal Gujarat 2010-2011





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Quiz Compitition 2010-2011






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Swarnim Gujarat 2010, be half of government order to organize different activity and programmes at college level, group level, district level, This programme are distributed in seven stream called ‘Sapata Dhara’.

Principal shri U.K. Gangurde Chair person of Sapta Dhara and Co-ordinater H.V. Patel formed seven committee, two teachers in each committee.

Dyan Dhara : Shri B.A. Upadhaya, Smt. Dharini Mehta
Geet Sangeet Dhara : Ku. Neha Parekh, Smt. Dharini Mehta
Natya Dhara : Shri R. M. Makwana. Shri P.B. Patel
Rang Kala Kaushal : Smt. A.H. Bhagwat, Shri Kapil Ghosiya
Sarganatma Dhara : Smt. G.B. Patel, Shri A. H. Raval
Samuday seva Dhara : Shri H.V. Patel, Shri K.K. Mujapara
Khel Kud Dhara : Shri P.B. Patel, Shri Paresh Patel
Principal Formed different committee to organize different activity.
S.R.C. Committee :
Smt. A.H. Bhagwat
Shri B. A. Upadhaya.
Shri R. M. Makwana.
Cultural Committee :
Shri B.A. Upadhaya.
Shri P.B. Patel.
NSS Committee :
Shri H.V. Patel
Shri P.B. Patel.- as programme Officer
Examination committee :
Smt. A.H. Bhagwat
Computer Lab. Committee :
Shri H.V. Patel.
English Language Lab. Committee :
Smt. G.B. Patel
CWDC Committee :
Smt. A.H. Bhagwat
Sports Committee :
Shri P.B. Patel
Environment & Disaster committee :
Shri H.V. Patel


Different Activity & Programmes conducted during the year 2009 -10 were as follow :
Praveshotasav programme on 29-07-2009 previous education minister shri Hirajibhai Damor & Police inspector shri Bankar, Baba Saheb were chief guest.
On 04-08-2009 Geeta – Sangita competition held in college, first – Upadhyay Nirali N, Second – Purohit Mahedra D.
Plantation activitiy on 09-08-2009 arranged by NSS candidates, teaching and non teaching staff participate in it.
15 August independence programme of District level arranged at meghraj, as a part of it 14 August cultural programme held at P.C. N. High school, Upadhyay Nirali and purohit Mahedra performed patriotic song.
Sarganatmak Dhara on 02-09-2009 Upadhay Nirali N, Patel Sunil and Valand shilpa performed poem originated by themselves.
Sports activity Lemon Spoon and music chair competition on 12-09-2009.
On 21-11-2009 Mehendi competition 13 students participate, first Gelat Parul S. Second- Pathan Najma, Third patel komal.
26 Nov 2009 Drawing competition, 16 students participate, Subject were environment, Social problem, Gujarat cultural scenario.
First- Patel Bharat B, Second – Upadhyay Nirali N, Third – Valand Shipa.
Rangoli competition on 10th Dec, 22 Students participate init, First Damor sita, Second – Pandya shivangi, third- Pranami komal.
On 14 th Dec Geet-Gazal programme 8 students participate, perform different song suchas lokgeet, patriotic song etc. First - Parmar Jigisha V.
Essay writing competition on 15-12-2009 subject were global warming, corruptions discipline, terrorism ect.
On 17-12-2009 inter class cricket tournament second year B.A. team were winner.
On 18-12-2009 11 students participate in Pull-Ups, Gola fek competition.
NSS Students participate in “Niramal Gujarat Swacha Gujarat”, in this activity they clean college building and campus.
On 8th Jan Natya Dhara arranged a speech of principal U.K. Gangurde on Abhidyan shakuntal, shilpa perform one act play
On 11-01-2010 NSS candidates went to ajwa nimetha and pava gadha tour.
On 12th Jan Swami vivekanand Jayanti celebration social worker shri jetha K Patel gave a excellent speech on vivekanand Philosophy and life, 5 Students spoke on different aspects of their life.

During Sapta Dhara different programme and activity arranged at college level winner 21 candidate went to ‘Shamalaji’ group level competition between seven colleges, Upadhyay Nirali N stood’s second in elocution competition, Damor subhas K. , Damor Ramesh K. were winner in ‘Kabbadi’, in Drawing competition second – Patel Bharat B, Essay competition. Patel Nasim N. Stood third. HEARTLY CONGRATULATION to all winners.

Winner candidate of shamlaji went to another group level competition of “TALOD” on 04-01-2010, 15 Students participate in it, 6 Students were winner.

Elocution Competition, third Upadhyay Nirali N.
Essay writing competition arranged by samudayik seva dhara first- Patel Nasim.
Rang Kala Kaushal Dhara : Valand Shilpa – Second, Gelat Parul – Third
Khel kud Dhara : Long jump First- Pandor Mukesh, Running – 100m, Third- Bhagora Kiran.

Thus whole year different programme and activity organized as a part of ‘Swarnim Gujarat’


Different Activities
Education Minister Inauguration of college hostel

To welcome education Minister

Blood donation camp
Blood donation camp

A.I.D.S. Awarenes days

A.I.D.S. Awarenes days

Yoga education event
Cultural Activity

Annual Programme

Get Together Programme
Ideal Life Style and HIV AIDS event

knowledge event

NSS activity
Navaratri Festival

Ground Cleaning

NSS students are cleaning the village streets

NSS student do some solide work

Trees plantation is being by students
PSI invited on national festival

On national festival day
Opening "Ruchi" wall paper to increase creative ability

Career Corner opening
Picnic programme by NSS unit

Vaccination for animal by NSS unit
Student organised Activities

Reading event



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